Mozilla Samsung Mobile Web Browser

Mozilla and Samsung Are Working On A New Mobile Web Browser

Mozilla Samsung Mobile Web BrowserThe mobile world is one of those places where we can get new things almost every day. But new mobile web browsers don’t come everyday. So, it’s a good thing to hear that Samsung and Mozilla have teamed to develop, Servo, a new kind of mobile web browser. The browser is based on Mozilla’s proprietary code language called Rust.

Both companies allocated resources into the project and there’s still no definite target date for the software release. Samsung’s contribution can help Mozilla to bring the web browser to ARM- and Android-based devices. The South Korean electronics giant has also deployed an ARM backend and the build infrastructure to the project, needed for cross-compilation to Android ecosystem.

This could also be Samsung’s way of showing it is not controlled by Google in the Android ecosystem. The company also keeps Tizen around as a backup plan; in case Android is no longer a suitable platform.

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