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Many phones are going to be release in 2013, in this section you can check latest news, reviews and videos on new phones released and launched by these Top Phone Manufacturers. In order to make things simple we categorized them in separate sections. Keep on checking below sections to stay updated on latest happenings in phone industry. Check below sections to get a better idea on news on new phones categorized by phone manufacturer.

Alcatel PhonesAlcatel launched many phone models in year 2012 and in year 2013 also we can expect many phone released by Alcatel. Please visit page dedicated to Alcatel where we try to list latest news on Alcatel phones.
Apple PhonesApple is one of the most popular phone manufacturer and already launched many popular phones including iPhone4, iPhone5 and 4G LTE phones. New phones are expected in 2013 so keep on checking this section for latest news on Apple phones.
New Blackberry PhonesExplore the latest BlackBerry phones going to be released in 2013. Find the BlackBerry phone with the features you need to fit your business, check BlackBerry phone page to get latest news on BlackBerry.
HTC PhoneHTC phones are popular because these phones are feature rich phones, HTC always release next generation phones. We try to list latest news on HTC as many innovative phones are going to be released in year 2013.
Huawei PhoneHuawei is a China based company making a splashing entrance in phones market. Huawei plan to ship 60 million phones by the end of 2012. Keep on checking Huawei section to find new Huawei phones coming in 2013.
LG PhonesLG brings many new phone models in market, if you are looking for new LG phones this is the right section so keep on checking this section for latest news on new LG Phones released in 2013.
Motorola PhonesNews and reviews on new Motorola phones with full specifications are updated in this section. You can check upcoming motorola phones in this section.
New Nokia PhonesLatest news, reviews and rumors on new Nokia phones are listed in this section. Nokia comes up with many new phones in 2013, so keep on checking for latest and new Nokia phones in 2013.
Samsung PhonesSamsung release some of the best phones in market, moreover many new phones are going to be lauched in 2013. In this section we add news, reviews, specifications and videos of new Samsung phones.
Sony PhonesFind the latest Sony phone which is perfect for your lifestyle. Read full specifications and professional reviews of new Sony phones coming in 2013.
ZTE PhonesZTE is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, ZTE has the widest range of phones and many new phones are coming up in 2013. If you are looking for ZTE phones keep on visiting this section.
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