New Phones Coming in 2014

New Phones (2013 – 2014): 2013 would be another landmark year for the smartphone industry with the expected launch of various high-end smartphones in 2014. In New Phones section we picked new phones released in 2013 and also list phones going to be release in 2014 check more details on New Phones Section.

Best Phones (2013 – 2014): Best phones in 2014 would continue to improve all features of models released in 2013. These high-end models will have faster quad-core processors or even 8-core chip. These are four best smartphones in 2013 that you might consider to buy. We update this section and list best phones going to be release in 2014.

New Phones in 2013 & Phones Coming in 2014

The 2012 has brought us numerous advances in phone industry and things will become more exciting in 2013. Next year in 2014, there will be more than one billion HTML5 phones, which is a significant increase from last year’s 336 million units. As expected, this technology will be driven by major company such as Microsoft, Google and Apple. A HTML5 phone fully supports HTML5 standards within its stock web browser.

LTE is another technology that will proliferate in 2013. Next year, manufacturers will add 60 million more LTE-capable devices to the market. Most developed countries already have LTE networks set up, and in 2014, some developing countries will join the rank.

Some companies have revealed their plan for 2013 and planning to reveal their plan for 2014 (check 2014 Phones for 2014 upcoming phones). Sony said that it will launch quad-core handsets next year, probably with the Nvidia Tegra 3. This is unfortunate as the architecture is already used by numerous phone and tablet vendors today. In fact, Nvidia promised to release the Tegra 4 in 2013. The graphic cards maker will integrate Kepler GPU technology into the architecture. It is expected to be ten times faster than the Tegra 2 and twice faster than the Tegra 3. A much more improved version, codenamed Logan will be about fifty times faster than the Tegra 2.

After the release of Medfield, Intel will continue to strengthen its position in mobile industry by releasing more Atom SoC platforms. The Intel Atom Z2000 is a 32nm 1GHz single-core chip, which includes the PowerVR SGX 540 GPU (320 MHz). It will power mid-range smartphones at first half of 2013. The Intel Atom Z2580 “Clover Trail” will be released at about the same time with the Z2000. It is a 1.8GHz dual-core processor, built using the 32nm technology and includes PowerVR SGX 544MP2 dual-core GPU (533MHz).

Nokia will likely to continue release its next Lumia phones, which will run Windows Phones 8. Some analysts have rekindled the rumor on Nokia Aeon. The concept phone first appeared in 2006 and it still looks very appealing today. Bearing in mind its current woes, Nokia needs to come up with something more interesting than current Lumia handsets. Top notch specs combined with Aeon’s design will be the way forward for Nokia as Samsung is planning to decimate the Lumia lineup with its Samsung Focus SII, a WP8-version of Galaxy SIII. Additionally, Samsung may introduce new innovations in 2013, such as the flexible AMOLED display as an alternative to rigid smartphones. The flexible phone may be wearable as users can bend it around the arm.

Lastly, in 2013, the iPhone 5 should already be well entrenched in the market as it’s slated for release in October 2012. We already witness the release of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in 2013. Now it’s time for iPhone 6 and exact details of the iPhone 6 is still relatively unknown, the specs of iPhone 6 would be in the realm of science fiction. Overall, the phone industry in 2013 and in coming year 2014 will continue to awe and tease us with sheer anticipation and joy.

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